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by Michaela Hackman



 Do you need an objective eye and a plan to assist with downsizing, an upcoming transition, or staging your home for sale?

 Is there an aging parent, friend, or other family member who could use help organizing, downsizing, or preparing for a transition?

Can I help ease the burden of an estate clean out after a loved one has passed?

Do you have photos, recipes, poems, or stories you wish to document and preserve to share with family and future generations?

Let me help!  Contact me for a consultation today!        

Empty Nesters, Senior Transitions, Blended Families, whatever your situation, I’m here to help turn an overwhelming situation into calm.

Services I Offer:

Home organization and downsizing

First off all, I want you to let yourself off of the hook.  We’re not all born with the intuitive nature to automatically put everything in its rightful place.  You may be shaking your head as you recall sharing a room with a sibling who placed everything perfectly, and screamed at you for the scattering of clothing or books that crossed into that siblings space.  Or maybe that organized person was once you, but now life happened, and a few kids, a dog, jobs and a small house (or even a big house) have caused you to lose your way.

You may be at a turning point in your life.  The need to redefine space when things like downsizing after a divorce or remarriage with a blended family leave you little time or energy to think though your need to organize.

Maybe decades have gone by.  You look around your abode at a lifetime of memories in every piece of furniture, every carefully placed nicknack, every item used over and over again, as well as those tucked in a closet and long forgotten.  Stacks of paperwork, memorabilia and all of those boxes with loose photos that captured an unknown number of events and memories are staring back at you.  You know you have to make some changes, you’re moving on and it can’t all come with you.

You don’t need to face this alone.  Sometimes when we are too close emotionally to a task at hand, it can change the outcome.  This especially rings true when trying to downsize the stuff you have accumulated over the years.  It is hard, albeit necessary, to plunge in and begin to organize and simplify the space around you.  You don’t have to do this alone.

I can be that objective eye with a plan and tender guidance to assist you with organizing, downsizing, and making usable space.

I can help a Senior whether that is you, your aging parent, other loved one or a friend, as well as Empty Nesters of all ages, as they simplify and downsize in preparation for a transition to a smaller space.

If you are moving, I will help you stage your home for sale; do floor and space planning for your new home, assist with packing/unpacking, and coordinate with the movers if that is your wish.

Estate Cleanout

Maybe that time has passed, and you are now faced with having to clean out the home of a loved one who died.  The home needs to be emptied to put it on the market, or if it was a rental, the landlord needs the home vacated to rent it to the next tenant.

I can ease that burden for you.  I work respectfully and efficiently with estate executors, family members, and friends of the family, organizing and dispersing the estate as directed. I will liquidate items via estate sale, online sales, consignment, recycling and donating to appropriate charitable agencies, providing a complete inventory, sales receipts, and donation tax deduction receipts as needed.

Family Legacy Preservation

Life is about relationships.  There is a lifetime of stories captured in each of those printed photos housed in old photo albums and shoe boxes in most of our homes.  A precious moment in time is recalled with each card, letter or poem written.  A feeling of comfort is experienced with each family recipe that is prepared and served lovingly. Preserving those relationships, memories, and stories for decades to come can be an overwhelming task.  The need to preserve a family legacy is urgent in many circumstances.

“It’s All About the Pictures”

A death occurs, there are dozens of family photo albums and several people want copies.

A tribute slideshow at a graduation, wedding, anniversary party, retirement, or funeral provides a lovely way to capture the years leading to that moment to share with the guests.

A slideshow for an elderly loved one displaying a lifetime of memories to allow for reflection and recall.

Deterioration of photos happen over time depending on the type of paper, ink, or storage method used.  Did you faithfully print out every photo from your 35mm camera in the 70’s and 80’s and stick them in a magnetic photo album?  Go back and look at those albums and try not to cry over the yellowing, and permanent damage to those photos.

A family story that needs to be told, and handed down and spread throughout the family tree, shouldn’t end up in albums that decay the quality of the prints, or in boxes set out for the trash once the owner has passed on.

I will help you put that story together.  Digitizing photos and slides, editing for clarity, and arranging in a displayable manner is a quick and simple path I will take for you.  If there are stories to tell, I can create a memory book that compiles both pictures and stories either digitally or in print to share with generations yet to come.




If any of this sounds familiar, and you don’t want to go at it alone, please reach out for me and I will help you.  Regardless of the situation, I will complete a customized plan to fit your needs.  I will work with you or I will work alone to execute the plan we come up with together.   There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to simplifying your space.  Let me help!

Michaela Hackman



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