My sister was acting as personal representative for her late husband’s estate when she, too, passed away. I suddenly found myself appointed by the court to represent both estates with holdings in SC, WV and AL. Along with all else, the house in Clemson and its contents had to be cleared and prepared for sale.
     Since we don’t live in Clemson, my wife and I were overwhelmed with the thought of spending weeks there sorting through thousands of items, some of which had historical and traditional significance to members of two families. I expected to pay someone to help with the disposition of the contents. Fortunately, my attorney gave me the
name of Michaela Hackman.
     Michaela first did a cursory inventory and gave me a rough estimate of the value of
items, a figure I could use in the estate valuation. Then, over a period of days, she delved more deeply to ascertain values of interesting and exotic items, sold several large high demand items, held a three-day estate sale for much of the remainder (holding back items she found that she suspected might be family treasures we had overlooked), and donated the rest to a worthy charity – and documented everything as she progressed.
     Michaela is a joy to work with. She communicates well. She is kind and understanding
of the emotions one has when disposing of belongings of a loved one. I felt from the moment we met that I could trust her completely, and I still feel that way. My wife and I really don’t know what we would have done without her assistance.
     In my wife’s words, some people offer a “service”; by that they mean they have a product for you. When Michaela says she offers a service, she means it in the broadest sense of the word.